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Click for information and to register your animals for the Steer Profitability Competition. The registration deadline is October 11.

Contestants will report to the preparation room 35 minutes prior to their scheduled speaking time. Contestants draw topics from a pool and select one of which to speak. Subject areas will include topics pertinent to agriculture and the beef industry.  Contestants will be judged on subject knowledge, organization, presentation, response to questions, and general effectiveness.

Time Allotted: 30 minutes of prep time, three to seven-minute speeches. Time elapsed during the speech will be posted so contestants are aware of timing. Speakers who finish before three minutes or run past seven minutes will be penalized one point for each second over or under. Following the speech time will be allowed for questions from the judges.

Materials: Contestants are given an information packet on the selected topic and two 3 x 5 note cards, absolutely no outside materials are allowed. 

Dress: Business casual (khakis, dress pants, button-up shirts, sweaters)

Additional Resources

Public Speaking Scoresheet